Pizza Dough Comparison – Croustipate vs Buitoni

Living next to the Swiss/German border means that we have lots of different grocery stores to take advantage of – all with different gluten-free options. This time, we wanted to try out some different pizza crusts.

In the running today is Croustipate from France, which we purchased from Edeka and which we have had a few times before. It appeared a few months ago and seems to generally be available at larger Edekas and at Kauflands. The competitor that we purchased at the Coop in Kreuzlingen is Buitoni. Right off the bat, Croustipate has a few things going for it. It’s cheaper, approximately 3€ instead of 5 CHF, and it is much easier to acquire.

Croustipate Pizzateig in the foreground and Buitoni Pizzateig in the background
The Contenders

But how does it taste? How does it behave?

Croustipate before baking
Croustipate before cooking

We did a pretty rough trial of the dough this time around, as we loaded them up with two types of cheese (mozzarella and Gruyère) and ham and pineapple. This may have been too much for the Croustipate, as it was still fairly soggy in the middle. The Buitoni was better, a bit crispier crust, but we should have poked some holes in the dough as it somewhat exploded on one side.

2017-03-04 19.21.21
Buitoni, with the mishap in the upper left corner

In the end, the Buitoni was definitely able to handle the massive amounts of toppings that we loaded onto the crust  – far better than the Croustipate. Croustipate is still pretty good, it is our regular dough and puff pastry, but it shouldn’t have tons of toppings on it.

As a final note, Buitoni makes gluten-free ready pizzas but they are not wheat-free, so I will not be reviewing them.

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