Brunch in Stuttgart: Zimt & Zucker

Earlier this month, we woke up very early on a Saturday to catch the train to Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg. Stuttgart has a few gluten-free options, some friends of ours, plus the zoo, so we thought a day trip would be great. Stuttgart is approximately three hours away and trains run between Konstanz and Stuttgart every hour. Zimt & Zucker

Upon arriving at Stuttgart, we bought day tickets for the subway and hopped on the next train to Zimt & Zucker, a little brunch place that I had heard had gluten-free food. We got there right when it opened, at 10am, and there were very few tables available.  If you are going with a group, definitely make reservations ahead of time.

Zimt & Zucker has a pretty chill atmosphere, with the chairs and tables not really matching each other and interesting paintings on the walls. We ordered some tea and hot chocolate, asked about the gluten-free pancakes, where the annoyed server said that she would have to check about the ingredients. I’m equally allergic to gluten-free wheat starch as I am to gluten, so this is pretty important to me. Thankfully she came back saying that they are made from rice and corn, so I ordered the pancakes with maple syrup. You can’t go wrong with maple syrup, especially not with this Canadian.


Or so I thought.

My boyfriend’s meal was a meat and cheese platter with two (gluten) buns for 8,60€. They oddly brought the buns out right away and just told him not to eat them because that’s all he’s going to get. Once the platter arrived, he was less annoyed about the cost because it was a fair amount on the platter, more than he thought would fit on just two buns. He just stacked up meat and cheese and had some pretty big Sandwiches.


My brunch was equally strange but more of a disappointment. The pancakes themselves were quite good, particularly for gluten-free pancakes and there was a nice side of fresh (?) fruit on the side but everything was completely covered in “maple syrup”. The fruit tasted as if they had been sitting in a sugar syrup overnight and the pancakes were soaked through with this syrup that was definitely not maple syrup. It was maple syrup tasting but was very thin, sugary and had the same after taste that Stevia has. Neither I nor my boyfriend could actually finish the pancakes, they were just so overloaded with this syrup. (Note, I had the after taste in my mouth for a half an hour after we left. I was really annoyed.)

We got up and waited near the front to pay, where stressed out looking servers ran here and there and poured, literally poured, sugar syrups and cinnamon and sugar on various dishes. There wasn’t anyone who appeared to be management there, so I wasn’t up for complaining to anyone. When our waitress finally did spot us, she finally put on a smile and hoped that we would come back. That was the only time that she was really polite.

In the end, it was a gluten-free breakfast/brunch spot but I didn’t really feel like I could trust the place and the fake syrup really put me off of my meal. While I would eat the pancakes again, without the syrup, I would be hesitant to go back there. I certainly wouldn’t make an extra trip for it if you live out of town. We both left the place feeling like there was so much room for improvement and communication.


Zimt & Zucker

Weißenburgstraße 2C, 70180 Stuttgart

0711 91275198 

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