The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle

With so many castles in the area, it is not surprising that many are now hotels and restaurants. Some, like the Schloss Tirol, are museums. The Trauttmansdorff Castle itself is a museum, showcasing the history of tourism in South Tyrol. But it is the botanical gardens surrounding the castle that are what makes this castle worthy of a visit.

Trauttmansdorff Castle, with the restaurant visible in the lower left.

With over eighty different garden landscapes, ranging from desert cactuses to greenhouses, the gardens offer one delight after another. Butterflies are a fairly common sight, and there is an enclosure for a few exotic birds. Many of the areas are wheelchair accessible, benches are placed throughout the park and there are views of the surrounding area like you wouldn’t believe.

Looking out from the gardens

We spent a good four hours wandering the grounds and taking photos of the view and the plants. It is a bit pricey at 13€ each, but since we were there for so long – I would say it was worth it. Occasionally it would feel crowded but then we’d let a group pass or turn a corner and be by ourselves again.

On a food note, Südtirol für alle has the restaurant in the park listed as gluten-free. I didn’t inquire but a quick glance at the menu didn’t seem to have anything listed. Bring some snacks.

Next up, where to get snacks in Meran, another pizza place and ice cream!

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