Blumau, Meran (feat. Snacks)

After walking around the gardens all afternoon, we were pretty hungry and a little sad that Happy Pomodoro was shut for vacation already. We popped in to a Spar on our way back into Meran and found some Baci chocolate and gluten-free sausages. Baci chocolates are delicious little balls of chopped hazelnut and chocolate, including an entire hazlenut. I’m not selling them very well but trust me, they are delicious and gluten-free.

Also the shop isn’t called Spar like in Austria, it’s Despar which even my autocorrect thinks should be Despair and that’s just not a good name for a shop. But they have gluten-free snacks, so I shouldn’t complain I suppose.

Next to the Happy Pomodoro there is a Eurospar, which has a much larger selection of gluten-free food and snack products. They were even open on Sunday, so we could grab some snacks after we had our first pizza in Italy. Here are some of the gluten-free items I found (in the fifteen minutes before the shop closed). I’m sure there were more, but I was a bit hurried for time and was primarily looking at items that I could just grab and eat.

After getting our snacks, we walked back into Meran and went to Blumau, another pizzeria certified by the AiC. We had talked to someone there in the morning and had noticed that they had the same Schär gluten-free pizza balls as Happy Pomodoro, so we knew that I would be able to eat there safely.

Blumau does not have a massive gluten-free pizza list but it was quite reasonably priced and wasn’t too far away from our hotel. I wouldn’t consider it the best pizza, nor the best restaurant in Meran, but it does work in a pinch if you’re hungry for a cheap pizza. I got a pizza with buffalo mozzarella and basil on it, which I think was one of the most expensive gluten-free pizzas and the bill was still very low.

There’s also pretty good gluten-free soft-serve ice cream if you walk up the street to Sabine’s. The woman at the counter said that because they scoop directly into the waffles over the ice cream, it is safer to go with the soft-serve. It was pretty tasty and reminded me of my childhood, since I think that was the last time I had soft-serve.

Next up, Hochmuth and the best ice cream you’ll ever have.

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